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At registration, according to your Portuguese individual level, you will be able to direct your interests by choosing from a wide range of specialized courses. Some of our many options are:

After a initial assessment you will be placed at the level that is most suitable to your knowledge, in mixed groups of students, from many countries in the world, although with a knowledge level similar to yours.

The emphasis is in oral expression and understanding, especially, in its application for real situations, also aiming reading and writing.

Playing dramatic roles and doing written exercises, quickly you will notice changes in your pronunciation and your way to understand Portuguese Language, thus enriching your grammatical knowledge and vocabulary.

You will have classes based on the four main techniques of language learning: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Our staff of high-qualified teachers is able to help you to express yourself in all different situations.

As your ability to understand and to express yourself increases, you will be more and more confident and at ease to practice Portuguese Language in everyday life.

Outside the classroom, you’ll be asked to complete homework assignments – preparation, revision, reading and writing tasks. Attending any course you’ll be able to practice in the computer room using many pedagogical programs.

University Credits

At your request, we will be glad to provide your institution detailed information on your course program, including the total hours taken, time period, class size , curriculum and other activities.

Should you require a letter grade, we will administer an exam at the end of your course. A transcript describing your course work and your final grade will be then be provided.

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