Portuguese is a dynamic language, transcending the limits of mere phonetics and dictionaries to lead you to a real and unique experience. Here you don’t just speak the language, you really live it. Because nothing surpasses learning a language in its native country. Since the moment your arrival till get the place you’ll live in, you get in touch to an enormous universe of information.

You will receive a pedagogical guidance even before starting your learning. Our staff of teachers and you will study together the kind of course that shall be chosen, assessing and suggesting courses according to your specific needs. And when classes begin, you will also be submitted to a assessing, placed at the level most suitable to your knowledge to warrant the right choice.

Once the course begins, our teachers will regularly perform a general assessment with you on your progress. This individual approach is of utmost importance for the improvement of critical points on your learning.

At the end of the courses and also for everybody who stays for more than 4 weeks, you will receive an attendance certificate, describing what you have learned and your ability to express yourself, read and write in Portuguese.

Moreover, you could be prepared to receive CELPE-BRAS, an official diploma for Portuguese Language studies for foreigners, from the Brazilian Ministry of Education and Culture, following an assessment of your learning degree; this is your passport to a new frontier world.

36 classes - one term

Group Instruction: Maximum of 5 students per class: General Portuguese course is an economic option for people who want to explore familiarity with Brazilian everyday life. Classes are less intensive, but the contact to language is permanent.  The student can attend as many terms he needs.

At home, in the streets and in a number of activities, you will live Portuguese Language with friends, practicing what has been taught in classroom with great ease, naturally expressing yourself through Portuguese that is spoken by all of us.

It´s a dynamic and fast course, intended for students that, for personal or professional reasons, want a greater familiarity to Portuguese Language and to Brazilian culture, with a little less depth in classroom and a greater learning in everyday life outside school.

Private Instruction: Offered for beginners, advanced, and professionals with specific needs.
Executive: Specifically focused on business terminology.

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This exam measures test-takers’ level of proficiency in Portuguese. CELPE BRAS is the official exam developed and given by the Brazilian government, and is required for those who wish to live and work in Brazil. Businesses and educational institutions use it to determine employment and study placements. The preparation classes focus on developing the student’s abilities in all areas tested.

Materials used: Apart from our carefully selected standard teaching materials, we boasts a large variety of modern teaching resources and equipment. Computers, CD’s and videos are among the aids used in everyday courses as well as sessions devoted to culture, regional studies, literature and business. Use of the multimedia library and our computer facilities is a good way of adding to and reinforcing the skills acquired from class work.