The city of Pelé, who has first appeared there as a football expert, this town has an estimated population of 400,000 habitants and is situated 343 km from São Paulo city, southeast of the São Paulo state.

A city of 10 universities and more than 30.000 students offering dozen courses, with more than 1.200 industries, 14.500 trade and service companies and a well developed commercial area, Bauru is within Mercosul route and its incomeper capita is US$ 4.5 thousand.

Bauru is not a tourist city and doesn’t have its problems.

Bauru is a city that is very highly rated for its quality of life and has been pointed out as one of the Brazilian cities that most developed in the past years.

Besides small ecological paradises around you, here you will find features that only a small town may offer, like calm and safety, together with the advantages of a modern town connected to all that happens in the world. Bauru tends to be different than the typical images that people have of Brazil.

It is prosperous and safe compared to other Brazilian cities. The “city” itself is a typical Brazilian university town: clean, liberal, and very, very safe. The climate is perfect: sunny and dry in the summer, with very pleasant evenings. Winters are very short, with few rain.

Bauru is not only safe and significantly cheaper than big cities but also a better place to make friends and learn the culture. Here, you will be recognized as a student and not as a tourist. Bauru is very nice for foreigners who want to study allowing you also to take part actively in Brazilian cultural life.

Bauru offers a wide range of services to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Among them, you will find a complete dental and medical support, gyms, several banks, optimal night leisure establishments such as bars, fast food stores, restaurants, pubs, movie theatres, libraries, book stores, an optimal urban and highway transportation, commercial area, shopping centers and several varied store galleries, supermarkets and supercenters, theaters, six universities, several sport/country clubs where you may practice your favorite sport and so on! The most convenient airport to fly into is São Paulo International Airport.