Although the teacher is an authority on grammar and compared linguistics, he/she acts primarily as a facilitator in communicative activities, always focusing on the learner’s interests. Additionally, we offer in-classroom language learning. For this reason, also our classes are small and personal.

Here, you will find 6 types of courses, from beginner to advanced, with groups of 6 students, morning and afternoon periods, to fit your schedule and interests.

In each of them, you will be able to truly sample the Portuguese Language, learning not only technical aspects of it but also living the Brazilian people’s daily life, discussing recent events, expressing your own ideas in Portuguese, having real communication experiences with people from here and from the whole world. After all, the more you practice what you’re learning, the faster your progress will be.

You will learn quickly and have fun. A great learning experience is waiting for you with us! We help you to schedule your free time with a number of extra-class activities, like barbecue nights, movie sessions, theater performances, sport activities, dancing, and so on, allowing you to take part actively in social and cultural life in Bauru.

During the weekends and holidays, you have a date with packages holidays to many interesting places.