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Know About [bra'ziw]!

It´s a pleasure to meet you here in our site. All of us have a story with Brazil. It is impossible to come to Brazil to learn its local culture without being touched by the wonders of this land. This pluralism of richness you may find with all its peculiarities.

Learning Portuguese at [bra’ziw]!, in a country of more than 8 million square kilometers of folklore, natural paradises, technological progress, culture and entertainment, where friends from the whole planet come to meet around a single cosmopolitan interest: the learning of a new language and its vast culture.

In a world where borders between countries have largely lost their meanings and global interchange became a reality in our daily life, it is impossible to remain indifferent to such a broad-based language like Portuguese.

It’s this territory, full of thrilling experiences and adventures, that [bra’ziw]! – Brazilian Portuguese Language Center invites you to know.

Brazilian Portuguese Language Center

[bra’ziw]! – Brazilian Portuguese Language Center has a staff of high qualified teachers to encourage you to learn Portuguese Language. After all, our experience confirms that the selection and preparation of expert teachers should be priorities for the quality in a language school.

All teachers are Brazilian native speakers of Portuguese with university degrees in the teaching of languages and communicative ability in English.

Personal attention in small classes and our experienced teaching staff will provide students with a stimulating and enjoyable program.

All aspects of Portuguese are covered and a variety of teaching materials are used as the basis for lessons, e.g. newspapers, videos, tapes, music, language games, visits, etc…

We believe that each student should have the opportunity to actively participate in class. For this reason, our classes are small and personal. We also believe that language is a result of human interaction.More than any other area, languages acquisition depends on natural learning situations.